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Chocolate Vinyl Record-Merry Christmas

It's a Real Chocolate Vinyl Record

Back in September this year we created a playing version of ‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate, made in real chocolate. I played it live at The Ludlow Food Festival and it was featured on the BBC news.

The record actually played on an old record player. You could hear the sound, dance to it and then eat it. A huge thanks to everyone involved in making that possible.

We wanted to develop this idea and have now made our own music. Linda Lee who works on many of our food art projects is the Flugelhorn player in the Tewkesbury Town Band and they were excited to be involved in the next stage of developments. They very kindly played a version of a very well known Christmas carol to make a very special Christmas vinyl record.

This will never play like a real vinyl record and the idea is that somewhere in the chocolate the sound is there.
You might be lucky enough to hear it, if you don’t, don’t shout at us- just eat it!
It is all a bit of fun really and who knows where experiments in chocolate will lead.

Every record player works differently, it is a real science, but we have got it working, but we cannot promise or guarantee that you will. It is very much a chocolate work in progress.
You can have the label personalised. This is an edible sugar label, and we will design it to include your choice of message. This also features the Tewkesbury Town Band name and song name, like a real record.

Hand made to order with Belgian Dark Chocolate. Approx. 200g.
All records hand made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in time for Christmas this year.
10% will be donated to the Tewkesbury Town Band.

How to order:
You can order online, and you can email us with the message you would like included on the record label.

Record - £20.00
pes with record
Chocolate Vinyl Record Christmas